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Cuisine at The Barn B&B Walla Walla

Delectable & Internationally Inspired Menus

Several round white plates with a gourmet dish of toast, peas, sliced hard boiled egg and charred bell pepper

Owner Naina is known for her culinary skills and internationally inspired menu ideas. Naina plans delectable menus and creates meals to wow our guests. Every breakfast is unusual and memorable.

Large white plate filled with a cantaloupe soup on a colorful charger

Sample Breakfast Items

Gourmet and Homemade

  • Swiss Bircher Muesli (apple, yogurt, raisins, honey, almond)
  • French-style Mushrooms on a Muffin (creamy mushrooms, fried egg)
  • Arroz con Leche (rice, milk, cinnamon)
  • Naan Pizza (cilantro pesto, cheese, chicken sausage)
  • Indian Meat Puff (puff pastry, cilantro, cumin, side salad)
  • Frittata (bell pepper, onion, cheese, potato)

Breakfast in Julian’s Hall

Enjoy your breakfast in our elegant dining room

Large and spacious dining room with several tables with live edge walnut tops, black chairs and bright windows

An impressive, locally built steel fireplace welcomes you into Julian’s Hall, the dining room where daily breakfast is served. The ceiling soars 30 feet above, where four old-style belt-driven fans rotate. The walls are adorned with pictures from our travels around the world. Large windows face East towards the Blue Mountains and our Pond and North to the courtyard. The tables are all local live-edge black walnut and finished by a local craftsman. A closet on the far end contains board games, books and equipment if you bring back take-out food. The lighting is warm and inviting. A carved mango-wood door from Bali, converted into a barn door, separates the dining room from Ruby’s Kitchen, where delicious breakfasts are prepared for you.

Two white round plates each with a sliced poached pear in a wine sauce with a spring of mint

Stunning and Unique Desserts

Spiced Poached Pear in Chardonnay

Square black plate with a golden brown meat puff and a side salad

Elegant Comfort Food

Indian Meat Puff with Fresh Greens

Four white bowls with a bright orange cantaloupe soup and spearmint leaves

Fresh and Local Ingredients

Chilled Cantaloupe Soup with Spearmint