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Our Suites

Thoughtful touches and attention to detail in every suite invite relaxation and indulgence. Unique amenities, custom appointments, and unexpected comforts ensure a memorable stay.

The design journey began with Naina selecting specific, unique cushions signed by Jim Thompson, an American designer who lived in Thailand in the ’20s. She then proceeded to paint gorgeous oil paintings on dried lotus leaves that picked up the colors of the cushions, each one unique to the suite. She did this while still in Bangkok, Thailand. Once construction got underway in Walla Walla, Naina selected furniture, wall colors, headboard, canopy, lights and glass sinks that complemented her paintings and the cushions. This is what makes each suite singularly elegant and beautiful. The finished rustic-modern style is her own. Come and discover it for yourself!

Stay One Night Sunday through Wednesday.
2-night minimum stay required Thursday through Saturday

Join us for a complimentary 3-course dinner on a Monday or Thursday with a 2 night minimum stay. There is an additional charge for dinner if you’re staying just one night. You may bring your own wine but we do apply a corkage charge.

Call us at (509) 730-3662 to make a Monday dinner reservation if you are staying just one night on Monday.

The Garden Suites

Luxuriously furnished and individually decorated with original art, fine linens and towels, a live-edge walnut desk with charging station, relaxing sitting area, and fabrics inspired by Jim Thompson. All suites offer adjustable king or twin beds.

Starting at $300; two-night minimum weekends & holidays

The Granary

Built to look like a real grain silo and unique in Washington State, The Granary features round walls, high ceilings, large windows for natural light, spacious sitting area, original art, fine linens and towels, a locally crafted black walnut desk with charging station, and fabrics inspired by Jim Thompson.

Starting at $375; two-night minimum weekends & holidays

Barrel Suite

This suite has been designed to accommodate persons who are temporarily or permanently coping with physical mobility issues. Be it French Oak or American, the woody tones of this suite reflect the beautiful original art and these colors are picked up again in the lighting and the glass sinks. A private garden with outdoor shower and front patio views of the Blue Mountains come standard.

Brix Suite

The saga of Jim Thompson, an American who lived in Thailand and who introduced the world to gorgeous Thai silks, is told across each suite. Picking silk cushion covers from the Jim Thompson store in Bangkok, Naina then proceeded to paint on dried lotus leaves, picking up the same colors as the cushion covers. These colors then reverberate across the wall color, the lighting, and the glass sinks to create an ambience of elegant luxury. Brix is the level of sugar in the grape juice that helps predict the level of alcohol in the wine.

Loess Suite

Once again, tones of gold, orange and green pick up the cushion cover colors. These are highlighted by the wooden headboard and canopy and carried over to the wood-look glass sinks. Every suite is equipped with a Nespresso coffee machine and a tea kettle. Every suite also has an en suite bathroom but in addition to this, a private garden with an outdoor hot water shower that comes up and over an imposing granite monolith. Loess is the rich soil of Walla Walla, deposited during the Great Missoula Floods over ten thousand years ago.

Tannin Suite

The name of each suite was chosen to reflect wine country. Tannin is that astringent feeling that puckers your tongue and comes from the grape skins during the wine-making process. Welcome to the heart of Washington wine country! The Tannin Suite has the most striking glass sinks filled with orange and gold sparkle to accentuate the lotus leaf paintings done by Naina while living in Bangkok. There is a warmth in the colors and fabrics that will make you feel welcome.

Vendange Suite

Vendange is the name (in French) given to the grape harvest. It is a time of hard work and joy. The colors of this suite, again reflected in the Jim Thompson cushions, and highlighted by the headboard and canopy celebrate the colors of Walla Walla in the Fall. This is when the fall harvest yields the grapes to the crush and they undergo the magic transformation to wine. Every suite is equipped with a 43” flat screen television as well as a tea/coffee station and a wine fridge nestled inside a wine barrel.

Vinifera Suite

This suite celebrates the root stock from Europe that first brought vines over to the New World. Every suite is equipped with a wine fridge to store your Walla Walla wine purchases at the perfect temperature. The wine fridge nests within a French Oak barrel. As with all the other suites, there are beautiful views of the Blue Mountains which can be enjoyed from within the suite or from a seat on the patio.

Our Suites Feature:

adjustable king-size bed or two singles that also offer a massage

en suite bathroom with shower 

gowns, slippers, hair dryer

private zen garden and outdoor hot water shower

satellite flat screen TV

free Wi-Fi

handcrafted goat milk soaps 

custom mattress and pillow selection 

wine fridge

espresso machine 

electric kettle and tea set-up

private entrance

personal patio

beautiful views of the Blue Mountains, fields, deer, birds…

Our Loyalty Program

On Your Second Stay:
A bottle of Walla Walla Wine in your Suite
On Your Third Stay:
A bottle of Walla Walla Wine and a Cheese Board
On your Fourth Stay:
A bottle of Walla Walla Wine and a Picnic Basket for Two
On your Fifth Stay:
Your Third Night is Complimentary!

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